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F1’s state-of-the-art technology in a huge role this weekend – and it annoys the expert

For everyone, the new race will not confuse the pashas of the F1 teams, believes Jyrki Järvilehto.This weekend, F1 will compete for the first...

Britain plans to produce six 1950s championship formulas – the price is astronomical

A car is a collector’s dream, but an expensive one.The English garage Vanwall plans to build six exact replicas of the F1 car with...

Red Bull threatens to leave the F1 series! Underlying the fierce demand

Red Bull found a credit partner in Honda but will fall on top of the blank after the 2021 season.Red Bull presents According to...

The F1 drivers took the reins – announcing they would leave their stables

Haas needs two new drivers next season.Haas stable drivers Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen will leave the stable at the end of this season....

Sick F1 driver admits to receiving a crown – much criticism of low-security activities

F1 media felt that Lance Stroll's symptoms should have been taken more seriously.Lance Stroll confirms that they have contracted the coronavirus during the previous...
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