Parliament calls for a new regulation on acrylamide in food: why is it being monitored?

Acrylamide is a naturally occurring chemical in certain products containing starch during high temperature cooking. It is formed "thanks to the sugars and...

OCU proposals to improve hygienic masks and make them accessible to all

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs is working on the development of a new order that regulates the requirements that a hygienic mask must meet...

Which are the authorized clothing collection containers in each city

Where do the clothes and footwear that we put in the containers go? What are they used for? These textile products are not...

Do you want to know how much your car consumes? At Mile 21 you can find out

More and more car manufacturers and brands They try to cut emissions from their models and to specify more precisely what the real fuel...

Palliative care: when does it become necessary? How can you help us?

On October 10, the World Palliative Care Day, a date to raise awareness in the population about this area of ​​health so necessary for...
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