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US 2020 elections. The countdown has begun for Donald Trump

Rejected by judges, weakened by unbelievable witnesses and now disadvantaged of his principal lawyer who employed Covid-19, Donald Trump's guerrilla warfare towards his electoral...

Donald Trump urges supporters to “reverse” presidential election result, Biden calls for unity

In a slightly bizarre situation, the Republican billionaire addressed a Republican senator in the Pennsylvania State Assembly by a cell phone placed on...

US elections 2020. What is Donald Trump pursuing by refusing to admit defeat and what are the chances of his lawsuits?

President Trump continues to disapprove of the outcome of the recent US presidential election, calling them fraudulent. The evidence presented so far is...

Stage photography in the US elections. Trump wins Alaska. Biden leads, “in overtime”, with a score of 279 to 217

Incumbent US President Donald Trump is credited as the winner of the November 3 presidential election in Alaska by the Edison Research Institute, but...

Who in Europe enjoys Joe Biden’s victory in the White House and who are not happy at all

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was among the first European leaders to congratulate Jor Biden on his victory: "He can't wait for future co-operation with...
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