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NASA publishes a spectacular video of the Osiris-Rex landing on the asteroid Bennu

NASA has released the first moving images of sampling on the surface of the asteroid Bennu. The sequence shows the field of view...

They discover that the Moon may have protected the atmosphere of the early Earth

The Moon could act as protective shield from solar radiation for the young Earth to retain its atmosphere and eventually develop living conditions and...

The trail of the last meteoroid to graze the Earth: it slipped without disintegrating and bounced off

Recently, a 'lucky' rock from space was observed skimming the Earth's atmosphere, which slid without disintegrating and then moved away from our planet. ...

Earth’s new mini moon could actually be a 1960s rocket

The rocky object that is approaching Earth and possibly becoming a kind of temporary mini-moon could actually be the remains of a lost rocket...

Space radiation on the Moon is 200 times higher than on Earth

The Radiation levels on the Moon are 200 times higher than on the Earth's surface and 2.6 times higher than on board the International...
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