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US 2020 elections. Police chief resigns after urging Democrats to kill

Marshall Lang Holland Police Chief has expressed anger over Joe Biden's choice of Parler, a social network favored by the American far right. "Never let...

US 2020 elections. Joe Biden has launched his transition site

The site's address is buildbackbetter.com (let's rebuild better), one of Joe Biden's campaign slogans, aimed at preparing the transition between the two administrations. The website...

US elections 2020. Democratic Party affiliates and think tanks targeted by Russian hackers

Attempted intrusions, many of which were thwarted by Microsoft over the summer, were launched by hackers from the Russian military espionage group "Fancy Bear",...

US 2020 elections. Joe Biden, after receiving record donations in August: “This amount leaves me speechless”

The former US vice president, the Democratic Party and their fundraising commissions raised $ 364.5 million in August - including $ 205 million online...
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