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A girl overcomes a serious sequel of COVID-19 after 45 days hospitalized

After fulminant heart failure and 45 days of admission, a 12-year-old Mallorcan girl has managed to overcome a serious sequel to COVID-19 and has...

Guide to the most frequent symptoms of Covid-19 in adolescents and children

Children and adolescents are not exempt from suffering the consequences of Covid-19. Although the data affirms that few children have been infected compared to...

Pediatricians recommend flu vaccinations for children from 6 months

The president of the Spanish Society of Out-of-hospital Pediatrics and Primary Care (SEPEAP), Fernando García-Sala, recommends universal flu vaccination from six months because this...

A new technique facilitates orgasm with the regeneration of veins and arteries of the clitoris through shock waves

He Women's Intimate Health Medical Center de Málaga has implemented a technique in the treatment of female anorgasmia through hydraulic shock waves, which consists...

Cyberbullying among minors advances their starting age to ten years. How can parents and school prevent it?

Cyberbullying has already become one of the biggest threats to minors in Spain. According to data made public in April 2019, the phone...
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