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Drivers to court: ‘Uber fires employees based on algorithm’

Four former Uber drivers went to court in Amsterdam on Monday morning. They say Uber is firing employees through automated systems, their lawyer...

Background | Trump hacked again on Twitter: this is how you secure your own account

It can hardly be called hacking. With just seven attempts, security researcher Victor Gevers was able to guess President Trump's password: "maga2020!" ...

Tested: This is the best 46 to 50 inch television

What's the best 46 to 50 inch television? And which one has the best price-quality ratio? Press and the Consumers' Association provide...

Review: iPad Air (2020) makes Apple’s best tablet a bit more affordable

The latest iPad Air makes the major innovations of the iPhone 12 and iPad Pro more affordable. But don't expect a budget tablet.Magnets...

Apps of the week: Take beautiful photos with the Halide Mark II iPhone app

Finding love through Facebook Dating, having adventures in the readable game Unmemory and take beautiful photos with your iPhone thanks to Halide Mark II....
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