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Rafaela Santos, neuropsychiatrist: "People have lost confidence and that increases stress"

The president of the Spanish Society of Post-traumatic Stress Specialists and neuropsychiatrist, Rafaela Santos, warns that the second wave of the pandemic is causing...

Educating sincerity, the key to talking with your children about the ‘new normal’

The coronavirus has made returning to the classroom this year more complicated than usual for children, and not only because of the contagion of...

‘Uitwaaien’, the Dutch practice that helps relieve stress and anxiety

Fighting anxiety and stress is a tough battle for those who suffer from them. There is a long list of techniques and remedies...

They fall asleep smoking in bed and start a fire in which their four children die

Four children of three, four, six and eight years old died in a fire caused by their parents, after they fall asleep in bed...

A team of mice sent into space may have discovered a way to slow aging

A team of scientists sent a group of mice into space in 2018 from the International Space Station and when they returned to Earth,...
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