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Kiss says goodbye to 2020 with a New Year’s show via streaming

They will do it from Dubai. They promise more than 50 cameras and 360-degree views. It ranges from $ 40 to $...

And the nominees for game of the year are

How many of them have you played? .

Alejandro Lerner, David Lebón, Luciano Pereyra, the Bresh Party and all the streaming and ‘face-to-face’ guide of the weekend

Also, the Philharmonic Orchestra from the Colón, Elena Roger and Escalandrum from the Coliseum, The Grandfather's Pills and many other shows.Alejandro Lerner, Elena Roger...

Alejandro Sanz will offer an online concert on December 5: "I need to say goodbye to the year with you"

When Alejandro Sanz had to cancel his La Gira Tower due to the Covid-19 health crisis, he realized that the present of live music...

Secrets of the life of Sophia Loren, the film diva who at the age of 86 copied streaming

He stars in "Life before Yes", a film that Netflix has just released and that was a public boom this weekend. Italian monument...
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