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They solve the mystery of the rare Blue Ring Nebula

The Blue Ring Nebula, which stumped scientists when discovered in 2004 for its rarity, appears to be the youngest known example of two stars...

They discover a fossil galaxy hidden in the depths of the Milky Way

The discovery of a "fossil galaxy"Hidden deep within our own Milky Way, it can alter our understanding of how the galaxy we see today...

Puerto Rico’s Arecibo Telescope, one of the largest in the world, dismantled after 57 years of existence

GALLERY PHOTO The Arecibo Telescope in Puerto Rico will be dismantled after 57 years of activity. The move was taken due to a broken...

Residente and Natalia Lafourcade triumph at the Latin Grammys while Rosalía takes the award for the best short version music video

It seemed like it was going to be reggaeton night in the Latin Grammy, but the urban genre par excellence went unnoticed at the...

Leandro Bolmaro to the NBA: the reaction of Manu Ginobili, Andrés Nocioni and other stars of the basketball world

Connoisseurs of the best league on the planet and members of the Golden Generation, the former San Antonio Spurs and the former Chicago Bulls...
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