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Seppo Hovi met Konsta Hietan when he was a little boy – the boy’s phenomenal performance skills were remembered: “He is hugely good”

Konsta Hietanen has become the topic of discussion from week to week with the Stars, Stars program.One of the hottest topics of the fall...

Konsta Hietanen’s opera performance confused the Finnish – now the man comments on his astonished appeal: “A really good feeling”

Konsta Hietanen performed opera in the Stars, Stars program, and made the Finns really amazed.Actor and musician Konsta Hietanen presented on Sunday 20.9. ...

Leo Stillman dropped out of the Stars, Stars competition – published an emotional post: “There is time to focus on the baby”

Musician Leo Stillman is a fresh father. Musician Leo Stillman dropped out of the Stars, Stars 2020 competition on Sunday. In addition to...
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