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Tokyo 2020 plans to ban the public from shouting or speaking loudly in the Olympic venues

The organizers of Tokyo 2020 contemplate banning viewers yell or speak loudly during Olympic competitions, in addition to limiting entry to stadiums, among other...

Simon: "Not only those who have antibodies are immune, but also those who are never exposed to risk and wear a mask"

The director of the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies, Fernando Simón, assured this Thursday that it is possible to achieve...

The coronavirus mutated to a more infectious strain in late spring

The coronavirus continues to mutate and create new strains that are spreading at high speed throughout the world. Generally, these new strains have...

France changes the minimum age of mandatory use of a mask to 6 years of age compared to the established 11

The French Government indicated this Thursday that from the return to the classrooms this next Monday the use of the mask it will be...

Spain, the EU country with the highest excess mortality in spring: 48,000 more deaths

48,000 deaths, between the last months of March and June, have been the cause of Spaintops the list of European Union countries with higher...
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