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HIFK’s super promise survived its outrageous streak without sanction – this is what the League justifies

Anton Lundell hit Jere Innala with the crossbar.The ugly trick of a league autumn played without big blood splashes and harsh head hits was...

HIFK’s solver got the feelings of Turku people boiling – Anton Lundell now talks about his stupid trick on Friday

According to Anton Lundell, the matter has been agreed with Jere Innala.The audience at the Gatorade Center was buzzing with holy anger as the...

Neymar Survives Second Investigation Without Prohibition – Not Enough Evidence of Fighters’ Outrageous Comments

Neymar avoided the second ban.Neymar and Álvaro González will not receive a ban on their alleged discriminatory comments, which were the subject of the...

The SM League was in line: This is how head-to-head tackles will be penalized in the upcoming season

The ban on five games is not automation.The Hockey League government has decided that a five-game ban will not be automatically imposed on head...

Lewis Hamilton marveled at his punishment on team radio: “Where does the rulebook say so? – there will be no ban on competition

Mercedes Lewis Hamilton received a severe penalty from the jury in the Russian GP.Before the race, the British driver did a start-up exercise at...
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