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Review: the PlayStation 5 is a baking beast with a brilliant controller

Sony's latest game console is gigantic, but therefore also very quiet. The biggest innovations are in the included controller.Graphically a step forwardThe PlayStation...

The PS5 cannot be found in stores to prevent COVID-19

Sony's new anti-COVID-19 policy will bring the PS5 directly to buyers' homes. Stay safe at home because next-gen consoles are here! .

Playstation 5 (Sony) vs Xbox (Microsoft): prices, dates and games

The new face to face between the PlayStation 5 (Sony) and the Xbox Series X (Microsoft) starts on November 10 with well-studied strategies...

PlayStation director thinks virtual reality will only be big in years

Jim Ryan, the director of PlayStation, expects it will be years before virtual reality (VR) is a worthy part of the entertainment world. ...

Sony shows first images of the PlayStation 5 interface

Sony showed images of the PlayStation 5 interface for the first time on Thursday. In a video of more than ten minutes, Sony...
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