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Morata does it again in his presentation with Juventus and unleashes the memes: "Dreamed of returning"

Alvaro Morata He has returned to Turin, where he will return to play for Juventus, where he has already played for two seasons. ...

Women’s football will be professional from next season

The Sports Act 1990, the reform of which has not just taken shape after the last governments have promised it, establishes that the condition...

Messi explodes against Barça due to the departure of Luis Suárez: "You didn’t deserve to get kicked out like they did"

The departure of Luis Suárez from Barcelona It is not only a great football loss but also a personal one for the team captain,...

The crazy challenge of actor Ryan Reynolds: buy a 5th Division team to take him to the Premier League

English football, as the birthplace of football, has a number of unique quirks. Have countless regional divisionss, and many of them are made...

The last complaint on Mourinho’s list: Tottenham played with smaller goals

He Tottenham de Mourinho faced on Thursday night the spark Macedonian in the qualifying phase for the Europa League, in a match in which...
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