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A group of monkeys pounce on a boa constrictor to save a baby

Several anthropologists from Tulane University were in the Guanacaste Conservation Area, in Costa Rica, recording everything in their path. When suddenly, a group of...

Mutation of a snake gene reveals the origin of skin color

Mutation of a gene in the corn snake has allowed a group of scientists from the University of Geneva (UNIGE) to understand the origin...

Would you like a snake as a pet? Everything you need to know about your essential care

It is estimated that it takes about 135 million years on Earth and can be found in the wild on all continents (except Antarctica)....

Two pythons fighting two females collapsed into the kitchen through the roof in Australia

Retired David Taitin tea brewing north of Brisbane in Australia was abruptly interrupted when the kitchen roof came in and two decent-sized carpet pythons...
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