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in order that they ran after their seats for the earthquake in Croatia

On the morning of this Tuesday, an earthquake of magnitude 6.4 on the Ritcher scale shook Croatia, producing the collapse of a number of...

Newest information on the earthquake in Croatia

An earthquake measuring 6.2 on the Richter scale brought on property harm in Croatia, particularly within the city of Petrinja, though additionally in Zagreb,...

EU Summit. What is Poland relying on in the EU blackmail operation

The stake is one of 1.8 trillion euros coming from the EU budget 2021-2027 and the 750 billion euro plan allocated for the...

European Parliament refuses to give in to blackmail of Hungary and Poland over making EU funds conditional on respect for the rule of law

"No concessions will be made on our part," they said in a statement. "European Parliament leaders deeply regret this stalemate and reaffirm that the...

Coronavirus in neighboring countries: the situation is getting worse in Slovenia, Slovakia and Romania

The emergency, introduced on October 1, was extended by another 45 days by the Slovak government, justifying the move with the spread of the...
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