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Twelve errors to keep away from after we speak about intercourse with our youngsters

Many occasions the response of oldsters to the phrase intercourse is discomfort, disgrace and even concern. However however, Intercourse schooling is an inescapable...

Covid also affects the testicles: "It is a very related organ and inflammations can occur"

When the coronavirus enters the body, it begins to replicate and spread through the body, infecting the cells ofall the organs it manages to...

They accuse a warden of a hospital of more than 80 sexual crimes

On 16 January, British police arrested Paul Farrell, a 55-year-old warden who lived north of London, for allegedly committing various crimes related to the...

The Satisfyer Pro 2, for 17 euros: EroticFeel reduces to the minimum the erotic toy most desired by users

Though eyes are on the sales techies, for years Black Friday has reached much further ... Even to erotic toys! In fact, since the...

Sex Office: "Confinement has affected our relationships, is it possible to regain sexual appetite?"

You already have here a new installment of sex office that each week brings you 20 minutes. To ask your question write to...
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