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Two Tenerife players are caught in a hostess club skipping the measures against COVID

The CD Tenerife has reported in a statement that it has initiated a proceedings of an internal nature, in the face of "the information...

Consumption warns 25 clubs: they must stop betting advertising this season

The Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzon, has sent a letter this Wednesday to the presidents of the 25 football clubs of First Y Monday...

Newcastle sign a French bricklayer who emigrated to Australia after being disowned

Fate gives a new chance to Florent Indalecio, French amateur footballer who has just signed for the Newcastle. The Frenchman leaves the Fraser...

The infected from Alcorcón were not such: it was "an interaction between positive and negative cases" at the laboratory

The suspension of the match between CE Sabadell and AD Alcorcón Second Division that was to be played this Wednesday should not have occurred....

Alcorcón detects another 9 positives and LaLiga asks to postpone their match against Sabadell

LaLiga has requested the postponement of the match that Alcorcón must play this Wednesday against Sabadell of LaLiga SmartBank (Second Division) after the appearance...
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