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Swedish and French laboratories confirm: Navalnyi was poisoned by novice shock

Specialty laboratories said on Monday that their investigations confirmed Germany's earlier findings of the neurotoxin novice shock.According to Germany, a Russian opposition politician Aleksei...

The opposition rolled out Putin’s party in the Russian city where Navalnyi was poisoned

Russia held local elections on Sunday, which were considered important by the president Vladimir Putin As a measure of the popularity of the United...

Critic poisoned, living standards low – Russia’s local election tests Putin’s popularity

Russia will hold local elections on Sunday, which will be considered a significant measure by the president Vladimir Putin in favor of the United...

Der Spiegel: Navalnyi remembers things and is able to talk – the police are afraid of new attacks

In Germany, police have added one to be treated at a Berlin hospital Aleksei Navalnyin security measures. Underlying this is Navalny’s apparently greatly...

Putin’s annual survey of the people has been canceled – the reason is unclear

For almost 20 years, Russia has seen a multi-hour television spectacle featuring the Russian president Vladimir Putin answers questions that concern citizens. The...
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