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Russia gimmicked with player selections – even threatening to close the Karelia tournament: “What’s going on there?”

Unless Russia changes its player selections to next week’s Karelia tournament, it may even be excluded from the tournament.Helsinki Hartwall-Arena 5–8. The first...

Vitaly Petrov’s father is murdered in Russia while his son is in Portimao as commissioner of the Portuguese GP

Former driver Vitaly Petrov is in the news again this weekend, although this time it is not because of his work as commissioner of...

Maduro announces new weapons system with help from Russia and China

The Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, announced the creation of a military council to make the country's weapons system more independent, with the help...

Russia’s shadow reappears in the US election campaign

It never quite disappeared and in the last days has resurfaced, although its real impact. After the experience of the 2016 US...

Russia and Iran, accused by the USA of trying to get involved in the election campaign

The allegations are made by John Ratcliffe, the director of the US National Intelligence Community, who claims that Russia and Iran tried to interfere...
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