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The Chief Rule of Legislation Negotiator for the Index: This can be a rescue for Hungarians

Regardless of his linguistic affiliation and (solely seemingly) loving political household, he isn't a favourite of Fidesz Petri Sarvamaa, a Finnish Folks's Occasion Member...

EU diplomat for the Index: Hungarians have just been tested!

There is a lot of money - including the EU budget for 2021-27 and an epidemic recovery fund of EUR 1 820 billion -...

Excluding gays can also hurt EU money

Judit Varga, Minister of Justice, quoted in a Facebook post from the draft amendment to the Basic Law, which states: "Hungary protects the institution...

According to Judit Varga, the success of Katalin Cseh is not a personal merit

Neither the plenary of the European Parliament nor the Council has taken a decision yet, it is a preliminary political agreement of the negotiating...
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