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A Formulation 1 horror fall might be investigated

We've got seen one, if not essentially the most horrific fall of the Bahrain Grand Prix firstly of Formulation...

F1: It depends on the money where the 23rd race will be

The weekend of April 23-25, originally intended for the Vietnam Grand Prix, is empty in the 2021, 23-round Formula 1 race calendar, and...

F1: It would be a tragedy if Perez couldn’t find a place

Due to the arrival of Sebastian Vettel, Sergio Perez has to leave Racing Point, his Mexicans don’t even have a team by 2021...

F1: Hamilton is exactly the opposite of Schumacher

At Sunday’s Eifel Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton took the 91st race victory in his Formula One career, breaking Michael Schumacher’s long-held record.Ross Brawn,...

F1: Red Bull can really get into engine production

Honda recently announced that its contract will leave Formula 1 after its expiration in 2021, leaving its partners, Red Bull Racing and AlphaTauri,...
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