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Financial Times: Poorly governed and corrupt states are well represented at the EU table

In several other EU countries, recent corruption scandals and rule of law controversies have raised serious questions about the health of their democratic...

Nicholas Kristof, The New York Times: “Romania, a wonderful country, but with a very weak government”

One of the most appreciated journalists in the USA, Nicholas Kristof spoke, in an exclusive interview for "Weekend Adevărul", about the special relationship he...

Arrested ‘El Rey’, violent leader of an international network of drug traffickers based in Spain

Agents of the National Police have participated in the operation that has led to the Romanian Police to stop a violent leader of a...

Back with the greyhounds – suggests Ludovic Orban to Budapest and Warsaw

According to the Romanian prime minister, Hungary and Poland must retreat in the EU budget battle. Ludovic Orban says that the veto of...

Today is an official holiday in Romania, the anniversary of the Treaty of Trianon

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis has promulgated a law declaring June 4 as “Trianon Treaty Day” in Romania, the Romanian presidential office said on Wednesday.By...
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