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The samples of the asteroid Ryugu and the Moon, a supply of future information

In simply two weeks they've reached Earthsoil samples collected on the asteroid Ryugu and on the Moon, a cloth of nice curiosity for house...

They detect a fireball flying over the south and the center of the peninsula at dawn at 227,000 km / hour

The SMART project detectors, from the Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia (IAA-CSIC), from the astronomical observatories of Calar Alto (Almería), Seville and La Hita...

European scientists discover a new mineral in a lunar meteorite that they have named ‘donwilhelmsite’

A European scientific team has discovered a new mineral in a lunar meteorite, A rare finding that could help better understand the effects of...

The bomb dropped on the asteroid Ryugu by Hayabusa 2 caused a shock of more than 30 meters in radius

The artificial impact of a projectile on the asteroid Ryugu, conducted by the Japanese probe 'Hayabusa 2' on April 5, 2019, shook the environment...

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft makes history by landing on the asteroid Bennu and collecting samples

After orbiting it for almost two years, the spacecraft OSIRIS-REx NASA achieved land successfully this Tuesday on the asteroid Bennu, and extended his robotic...
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