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Scientists and doctors prepare a document with measures to care for the post-Covid-19 patient

The Spanish Society of Health Directors (Sedisa) has highlighted that the classification of patients, the protocolization of clinical follow-up, care coordination and the registration...

Barça knock down Madrid in the first Clásico of the weekend and turn on the white alarm

He Barça bowed (79-72) this Friday to Real Madrid on the fifth day of the Euroleague held at the Palau, a clearly Barça classic...

WHO warns that hospitals and ICUs in Europe could collapse in the coming weeks

Hospitals and Intensive Care Units (ICUs) in many European countries can collapse in the next few weekss as a consequence of the increase in...

The first toilet paper vending machine is installed in Germany by the Covid

A new toilet paper vending machine has come into operation in Düsseldorf (west of Germany) due to the recrudescence of pandemic in the country...

Antibodies that protect against coronavirus last at least 5 to 7 months

A study published in the journal Immunology suggests that neutralizing antibodies - antibodies that bind to the virus and interfere with its ability...
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