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France passes controversial legislation towards radical Islamism at a time of robust social rigidity

The French Authorities accredited this Wednesday a controversial invoice that seeks to bolster secularism and different basic ideas of the nation and fight radical...

Justice in the US protects religious groups and blocks restrictions

Although deaths and hospitalizations for covid-19 still fired in United States, the religious groups will have no restrictions to meet during Thanksgiving in...

Jihad for a cartoon? It is the duty of a faithful Muslim

Budapest XI. district, in an almost imperceptible alley, after a few steps, my path leads to a corner building. From the outside,...

‘The Man Who Sold the World’ reissued 50 years later as Bowie dreamed it

The Man Who Sold The World, David Bowie's third studio album, the one that led to sonorities darker to abound on topics such as...

Catholic Church opposes England’s strict corona embargo – “No useful role in the fight against the virus”

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson trying to stop the spread of the coronavirus with a full lock for a month....
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