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Ronnie O’Sullivan caught: he farts in the middle of the game and blames the referee

Ronnie O'Sullivan, Hexaca snooker world champion who recently spoke openly about the depression he suffered, has starred in a comical and embarrassing moment during...

Sexist insults to a referee who received a ball in the face during the Women’s Real Madrid-Athletic

In the final moments of the match between Real Madrid and Athletic de Bilbao from First Iberdrola, the medical assistants had to enter the...

UEFA reveals unprecedented anger from the referees in a documentary: "Messi, show me respect!"

If you don't talk about referee, is good news. This maxim that usually circulates in football gatherings comes to point out that they...

Hitch between Piqué and Hernández Hernández: "If you don’t want, you don’t want"

Gerard Piqué He was not satisfied last Saturday with the performance of referee Hernández Hernández in the game that Barça drew 1-1 with Alavés.The...

Messi got rid of the red card by hitting the referee: "With his action he wants to intimidate"

Messi he is not usually one of the most booked players at the end of the season. The Argentine usually receives more than...
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