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Perspective: Whatever happened today, the world’s oldest democracy may already be broken

The lofty words belong to election days, so let us start by saying: the eyes of the whole world today are turning the Atlantic...

Trump voted in advance in Florida

U.S. President Donald Trump has voted in advance today in his home state of Florida in West Palm Beach.The White House said as early...

Dutch researcher claims to have been able to log in to Donald Trump’s Twitter account, says password was astonishingly easy

Dutch security researcher Victor Gevers, who calls himself an “ethical hacker,” says he got into the U.S. president Donald Trumpin Twitter account.The Dutchman writes...

Trump koronahoito was expensive – more than half a million euros decline

Donald Trumpin the coronavirus infection briefly frightened the entire U.S. political elite. The collapse of the condition of the incumbent president would have...

Ari Huhtamäki spent the evening pampered by Donald Trump in 1989 – “I have his gifts in store”

Ari Huhtamäki evening Donald Trumpin with is certainly exceptional in the sense that Trump is also likely to remember that case quite well.- In...
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