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FIFA approves new rules to guard the rights of pregnant footballers

One of many nice challenges dealing with elite athletes, on the whole, and feminine footballers, particularly, is reconcile the likelihood of being moms with...

This is how long the pregnancy of different animals lasts (and you will hallucinate)

Human pregnancy lasts approximately 38 weeks, which usually corresponds to a period of nine months. A long time to prepare for this new...

How long does it take to get pregnant after using different types of contraception?

After using some methods of contraception, the ability to conceive (fertility) can return to women after eight months. This was shown by a...

A man arrested in Guatemala for wanting to incinerate his pregnant daughter alive

The security forces of Guatemala arrested a man in the northwest of the country after trying burn your pregnant daughter alive 16-year-old, official sources...

An officer puts his knee on the back of a pregnant black woman

Social media has erupted against a new case of police violence in United States.An officer detained Deja Stallings, a 25 year old pregnant black...
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