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Portugal orders the confinement of 70% of its population

With the contagion curve soaring and expectations that it will continue to grow, Portugal will confine 70% of its population as of November 4...

Portugal applies partial confinement to 70% of the population

The Portuguese government has announced the lockdown of the more than 7 million inhabitants of 121 most affected municipalities in the country. ...

Max Verstappen let go of the gruesome frogs – now he humbly apologized

On Friday, Max Verstappen apologized for firing at the Portuguese GP practice.- Is this guy fucking blind? What the fuck is bothering him?...

Europe overwhelmed by the second wave of covid-19

Europe is overwhelmed by the onslaught of the second hello of the pandemic coronavirus, which has forced governments to decree curfews, closures of...

Budgets marks the end of ‘geringonça’ in Portugal

This time it was not enough. The proposals of the Socialist Government of António Costa for the 2021 Budgets have not convinced...
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