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France mobilization in opposition to the worldwide safety invoice

"Who protects us from the police state?" "Blurred police, blind justice?" Below these slogans, 1000's of protesters have gathered in Paris,...

A new case of police brutality shocks France

The brutal scene lasts 15 minutes: kicking, hitting, punching, and racist insults. Michel Zecler, a black music producer, is the victim. Their...

Press accuses Macron of lashing out at freedom of expression

Emmanuel Macron is faced with a contradiction: while in recent weeks the French president has become the ensign of freedom of expression with...

Peruvian citizens protest in Madrid over the crisis in their country

Dozens of Peruvians living in Madrid, they concentrated in the central Puerta del Sol to denounce the repression and violation of human rights...

Francisco Sagasti says he will do everything to restore hope to Peru

The elected president of the Congress of Peru, Francisco Sagasti, who will assume the leadership of the State this Tuesday, said that he...
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