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EU imposes sanctions on ‘Putin’s chef’ and six other Russians over Navalny poisoning and operations in Libya

The EU has imposed sanctions on six high-ranking Russians, the leader of the opposition Aleksei Navalnyin due to poisoning. Among them is, among...

Navalny poisoning: EU sanctions men of President Putin

Seven Russian dignitaries and the businessman will be visa banned and their assets in the EU will be frozen. ...

Mushroom season begins: how are they collected and preserved? What are edible? What is an intoxication?

During autumn, mushroom season begins, a highly coveted food that offers multiple possibilities in the kitchen. In addition, fans of mycology at this...

Navalnyi reveals from his memories of the poisoning: “It felt like I was dying”

Russian opposition politician Aleksei Navalnyi attempted to assassinate a neurotoxin with a novice shock in late August while he was conducting election work in...

Alexei Navalnyi, who is recovering from poisoning, puts Putin behind the act

Russian opposition leader poisoned in August Aleksei Navalnyi says he is certain that Russian President Vladimir Putin was behind his poisoning.Navalnyi reports on this...
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