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PHOTO Loredana Groza surprises her fans again and publishes images with her almost naked, while she is having a massage

In 2000, Loredana Groza posed in Playboy and still holds the absolute record in Romania: 143,500 copies sold. 20 years later, the soloist...

PHOTO How much do people pay to look like their idols. “I know I’m Ken, but in my soul I’ve always been Barbie”

The phrase "I'm your number one fan" has taken on new dimensions in the last two decades. If in the days of The...

The face of Jessica, formerly known as Human Ken, was cut again – tells what went wrong in the previous operation: “My nose shrank”

Jessica Alves has had a nose surgery again, and the results seem good so far.Over the years, Man-Ken, who has undergone more than 70...

Dr. Cavadas criticizes the management of the coronavirus crisis: "It does not seem that it will end well"

Doctor Cavadas, an eminence in the field of plastic surgery, has performed some harsh statements against the Government's management regarding the coronavirus pandemic, in...
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