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Arsenal fires its mascot, Gunnersaurus, to cut expenses in the face of the coronavirus crisis

The cuts in football clubs by the impact of the pandemic they continue to happen in all the major leagues. Now Arsenal has...

The reason why dogs move their legs while they sleep

One of the frequent habits that dogs have is that, while they sleep, they sometimes wave their paws as if they were running. What...

Bolsonaro ratifies law that toughens penalties for mistreatment of dogs and cats

The Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, sanctioned this Tuesday a law that toughens the penalties for those who mistreat dogs or cats, which he...

Pets help people keep mental health in quarantine

It turned out that the horse and the guinea pig provide approximately the same support to the owner. ...

Veterinarians insist on the importance of vaccinating our pets against rabies

This Monday is the World Day Against Rabies, one of the zoonoses - diseases that are transmitted from animals to people - most important...
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