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Actress Antti Reini about her sex scenes: “As a man, it has been easier to hit the limits at the counter”

Actor-author Antti Reini, 56, worked frantically over his own strength when he was younger, but achieved a lot. Now he has only one...

Finnish actresses open up about their sex scenes – the actress was on the ground in her container, the man “felt full” behind

Finnish actors share an extensive account of their experiences of making sex scenes.Actor Saara Kotkaniemi made an extensive study of the experiences of Finnish...

Maria Lund open about new love – living a new family life with her husband Jussi

Maria Lund found a man by her side who comes from a whole different world - and that’s good. On Saturday night in September,...

Konsta Hietanen’s opera performance confused the Finnish – now the man comments on his astonished appeal: “A really good feeling”

Konsta Hietanen performed opera in the Stars, Stars program, and made the Finns really amazed.Actor and musician Konsta Hietanen presented on Sunday 20.9. ...
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