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France. Draft law on combating radical Islam, sent to Parliament. Macron’s ultimatum to the French Council of the Muslim cult

Initially, the bill would contain the term "separatism" used by Emmanuel Macron in a speech in early October. The head of state then...

Germany, Covid-19 Pandemic. Anti-infection law, passed despite violent protests

The new "Infektionsschutzgesetz", in its third change since the beginning of the pandemic, describes the measures the government can take in response to a...

Polish women are preparing to strike because of the abortion law

It was the seventh consecutive day of demonstrations against the decision banning abortion even on the grounds of serious malformations, the BBC notes. ...

Cyprus. Parliament resigns in the context of the “golden passport” scandal

Demetris Syllouris is the second highest official in Cyprus and serves as the country's president in the absence of President Nicos Anastasiades. Syllouris, 67,...

The House of Commons passed a controversial Internal Market Act – the EU is threatened with justice

The House of Commons approved the bill by 340-256 votes late Tuesday. Next, the law goes to the upper house.Although the bill has...
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