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With Pavón in the country, Boca awaits the offer from Los Angeles Galaxy and there is much to define

It is already clear that the Americans will not pay the clause to keep their pass, although they intend to retain it. The...

EXCLUSIVE Nicolae of Romania, the first interview after the birth of the girl: “God gave us a gift”

Prince Nicolae of Romania agreed to give, exclusively, an interview to the daily Adevărul, the first after the birth of his daughter, Maria-Alexandra. ...

Joe Biden, faced with the complicated decision of having to close the country due to the pandemic

A sector of your team triggers a quarantine. The country has a record of 140,000 infections a day.The president-elect of the United States,...

The mystery of India: extermination and ‘lost girls’, in a country where living or dying is a question of money

Babes are missing in this remote village in the state of Rajasthan, and in the neighboring town, and throughout the country, but no one...

Bettina Sågbom has sat next to the death of her three loved ones: “No one should die alone”

In the new book, Bettina Sågbom tells about the death of her parents and spouse.Journalist, talk show hostess Bettina Sågbom lost her husband Thomas...
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