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European Parliament calls for international investigation into Navalny poisoning and democratic change in Belarus

"The message sent by today's vote is clear. 21st century Europe will not tolerate the Stalinist-inspired practices of Putin's Russia and Lukashen's...

Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Armament Analyzes Samples Taken from Navalny

Berlin, where the Kremlin's number one opponent is hospitalized - a victim of poisoning in Siberia on August 20, according to his entourage -...

Navalny wants to return to Russia

Aleksei Navalny, the fiercest critic of the Krelmlin leader, who was the victim of a poisoning attempt in August, spoke to a German prosecutor...

Der Spiegel: Navalny’s condition is improving. The Russian opponent began to speak. Police have stepped up security

The main critic of the Kremlin is being cared for at the Charite Hospital in Berlin after falling seriously ill during a domestic flight...

Poland: Russia’s threat of intervention in Belarus and Navalny’s poisoning should be “final wake-up call” for Germany

A decision to drop Nord Stream 2 "should be on the mind of the rooster" for Germany, whose politicians have already acknowledged that this...
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