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“Costel Gogoaşă” from the series “Trăsniţii”, diagnosed with cancer. What a humanitarian appeal the actor made

"I need blood. Any group. I wouldn't want to do that! I wouldn't have written anything to you about the situation...

“Usually they hit the ground first and then the muzzle” – Finnish volunteers tell in a novelty book about shelling in an alien legion

In June 2020, French forces killed a well-known al-Qaeda leader Abdelmalek Droukdelin in a joint operation with West African allies. At the same...

The face of Jessica, formerly known as Human Ken, was cut again – tells what went wrong in the previous operation: “My nose shrank”

Jessica Alves has had a nose surgery again, and the results seem good so far.Over the years, Man-Ken, who has undergone more than 70...

Operation return in Barajas: long lines and criticism despite the lack of passengers

Alejandra and Brigitte drag their suitcases across the Terminal 4 from the airport Barajas. They have just arrived in Madrid after spending a...
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