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What occurred to Amaia Romero, from ‘OT 2017’: from her beginnings in musical ‘skills’ to her ‘covers’ in ‘Veneno’

Amaia Romero was the model new winner of Operation Triumph 2017. Regardless that the version was stuffed with expertise with artists like Aitana...

Miki canta "to the life" with sounds of his adolescence in ‘Iceberg’

In the worst year for culture and music and a year and a half after their debut album, Fun, Miki returns with an album...

What happened to Nerea Rodríguez, from ‘OT 2017’: This week he returns to the galas of ‘Your face sounds to me’ after the pandemic

Nerea Rodríguez was one of the contestants who greater vocal power had in Operation Triumph 2017. His sweetness and innocence managed to conquer...

What happened to Ricky Merino, from ‘OT 2017’: He publishes ‘Smalltown Boy’, his collaboration with Conchita Wurst

Ricky Merino was one of the contestants on Operation Triumph 2017 what did he achieve go through the contest obtaining some recognition, thanks to...

What happened to Mimi (Lola Indigo), from ‘OT 2017’: The artist publishes ‘How are you doing?’ his collaboration with Beret

Mimi Doblas was part of Operation Triumph 2017 for a short time. But nevertheless, the young woman knew how to differentiate herself and...
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