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Europe overwhelmed by the second wave of covid-19

Europe is overwhelmed by the onslaught of the second hello of the pandemic coronavirus, which has forced governments to decree curfews, closures of...

The national team hockey collided with the goal post and was paralyzed in Norway

The puck community mourns the shocking fate of a young player in Norway.The hockey match between Frisk Asker and Lørenskog, played under Saturday's 21-year-old,...

Europe exceeds 200,000 deaths from coronavirus

The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control has reported this Sunday that a total of 200,587 deaths due to coronavirus in the European...

Norway has the best corona situation in Europe, not the same increase in infections as in Finland – this is how the country operates

In Finland, coronary infections have started to rise sharply since mid-September. The second wave of Korona is severely punishing the whole of Europe,...

Norway holds Russia responsible for digital attack on parliament

Norway holds Russia responsible for a major digital attack on parliament in August. In the attack, email accounts of MPs were hacked. ...
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