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not in Venezuela and sure in Ghana

As a "impartial observer with full assure", the European Union (EU) deploys its Electoral Commentary Missions (EOM) around the globe, which is not going...

Many doubts and a certainty in a Venezuelan elections filled with shadows

Venezuela enters a legislative election on Sunday with just one certainty: the mess of its politics is extra convoluted than ever. The opposition...

Leopoldo López asks Spain to keep up its recognition of Guaidó after the “fraud” of the parliamentarians

The Venezuelan opposition chief Leopoldo López has requested Spain to reject "electoral fraud" convened by the Authorities of Nicolás Maduro and endorses the "legitimacy"...

Venezuela closes the marketing campaign of its most uncommon elections

Opponents and authorities officers take to the streets amid covid-19 and financial calamityAn opposition sector requires a boycott of the competition and one other...

Maduro says he’ll go away the presidency if the opposition wins parliamentarians

The President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, has assured this Tuesday that if the opposition wins the parliamentary elections this Sunday, he will go...
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