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How are the 2020 US elections polls going?

Electoral polls in the United States continue to give a clear victory to Joe Biden, with a difference of 7.5 points over Trump. ...

New York authorities forced to ban wedding with more than 10,000 guests in full pandemic

"I did an investigation and found that it was true. A huge wedding was planned, which would have violated the rules on meetings...

New York stops an Orthodox wedding with 10,000 guests

Leaders of the Hasidic community in New York, who planned to hold a wedding that would be attended by thousands of guests, attacked the...

US. Russian RT journalist, heard for several hours at New York airport by intelligence officers

"On October 15, at the New York airport, the American special services heard, for several hours, the RT journalist Konstantin Rojkov. The Russian...

An argument about not wearing a mask ends with an elderly man dead in the US

A 65-year-old man has been charged with negligent homicide for allegedly having pushed and caused the death of an old man who reproached him...
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