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Swedish and French laboratories confirm: Navalnyi was poisoned by novice shock

Specialty laboratories said on Monday that their investigations confirmed Germany's earlier findings of the neurotoxin novice shock.According to Germany, a Russian opposition politician Aleksei...

Why was Navalnyi poisoned with novice shock? According to the developer, the neurotoxin could be put as a powder in a tea bag

With a Russian ex-agent Sergei skripal attempted murder in Salisbury in 2018, including a daughter Julija Skripal had to be hospitalized to fight for...

“More dangerous than sarin and VX, leads to suffocation death” – this is the neurotoxic novitshok that struck Navalny

The German government announced on Wednesday that Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalnyi was poisoned by Novichok. According to the government, the evidence for...

German government: Navalnyi was poisoned by Novichok

The German government announced Wednesday that a Russian opposition politician Aleksei Navalnyi was poisoned by Novitch. According to the government, the evidence for...
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