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Still images: 3-year-old girl rescued from ruins in Turkey nearly four days after a devastating earthquake

Mayor of the Turkish city of Izmir then, Soyer has shared With their Twitter account picture of a 3-year-old Ayda Gezkinistä, which was rescued...

A powerful earthquake strikes the Turkish and Greek coasts – several deaths, houses collapsed

There has been a powerful earthquake of about 7 magnitude in the Aegean Sea.At least four people have died, the Turkish health minister Fahrettin...

Heat waves, forest fires, storms, and other natural disasters are expected

More and more natural disasters are expected as a result of climate change: heat waves, forest fires, storms, droughts and hurricanes and global warming...

Iceland’s most active volcano is gathering strength, the warning level was raised – last erupted in 2011

Iceland’s most active volcano, Grímsvötn, is coming to life. As a first step, the Icelandic authorities have raised the level of aviation warning...
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