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US Elections 2020. Nancy Pelosi, re-elected to head the House of Representatives

"Congratulations to Nancy Pelosi, re-elected by the Democrats in the House to be our brave leader and candidate for the post of 'speaker' of...

Pelosi criticizes Republican electoral “absurd circus”

The Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, criticized this Friday the Republicans' "absurd circus" by not "accepting the reality"...

Justin Trudeau congratulates Nancy Pelosi on congressional reelection

Two days after the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin trudeau, became the first international leader to speak with the president-elect of the United States,...

Record number of LGBTQ MPs elected to the US Congress

The latter, Ritchies Torres of the Bronx and Mondaire Jones of New York, each won a seat in the House of Representatives. "A sage...

Democratic House and Senate tie

The Democrats currently maintain an advantage in the Lower House, while, for now, a tie remains in the Senate, according to data from...
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