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The bar trip, which lasted only to the morning hours, caused Kimi Räikkönen to encounter a formula car during a driving break.

When Kimi Räikkönen was on the sidelines of the F1 races ten years ago, he really took a distance from the sport.Kimi Raikkonen speaks...

Britain plans to produce six 1950s championship formulas – the price is astronomical

A car is a collector’s dream, but an expensive one.The English garage Vanwall plans to build six exact replicas of the F1 car with...

Returning to the F1 was not so easy – Fernando Alonso critical: “The car performs better for me”

Fernando Alonso last drove a Renault F1 car in 2009.Two-time world champion Fernando Alonso, 39, returned behind the wheel of an F1 car on...

Perspective: F1 was an American show prank – is it a sport anymore?

F1 is no longer a sport, or there is too thick a layer of cotton on it, criticizes Iltalehti's Juuso Taipale.The Eifel GP offered...

The bottomless pit of F1 is eating all the money in the world – has it gone too far now?

The stables are willing to spend a wild amount of money to grind just one-thousandth of a lap time.F1 is an expensive flattery, everyone...
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