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A Spanish scientific team locates microplastics for the first time in a protected area of ​​Antarctica

A team of Spanish scientists, led from the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM), have located for the first time the presence of microplastics in...

They detain a 52-year-old male charged of violating his 2 children as well as 3 daughters

The Brazilian Authorities apprehended a 52-year-old male believed of violating 2 of his children as well as 3 daughters in the urban area...

They rape and kill in jail a pedophile who abused almost 200 orphaned children so that he would “feel what he did to them”

Richard Huckle He was found dead in his cell in the United Kingdom in October 2019, but it was not until the trial on...

Saharawi activist Aminatu Haidar denounces that Morocco has prevented her from traveling to Spain

The Sahrawi human rights activist, Aminatu Haidar, denounced this Wednesday that Morocco has prevented him from boarding the flight on which he planned to...

A girl overcomes a serious sequel of COVID-19 after 45 days hospitalized

After fulminant heart failure and 45 days of admission, a 12-year-old Mallorcan girl has managed to overcome a serious sequel to COVID-19 and has...
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