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A British diplomat in China saves a young woman who was drowning in a river

The British Consul General in the Chinese city of Chongqing, Stephen Ellison, has received an official congratulation from the United Kingdom Foreign Office after...

First images of the opening to traffic between Western Sahara and Mauritania after the Saharawi blockade

The border between Morocco and Mauritania has reopened this Saturday after more than three weeks of blockade by protesters from the Polisario Front, a...

An Italian judge condemns Foreign Affairs to pay an Embassy worker outstanding extra payments since 1999

An Italian social judge has agreed with an employee of the Spanish Embassy in Rome and has condemned the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, EU...

The Moroccan army enters the south of the Sahara to break the blockade of the Polisario Front

The Moroccan army has penetrated the demilitarized strip of the southern tip of the Sahara to break the traffic blockade imposed three weeks ago...

Armenia and Azerbaijan agree to a humanitarian truce from midnight Saturday to Sunday

Armenia and Azerbaijan have agreed on a humanitarian truce that will come into effect at 00:00 this Sunday, local time, according to the Ministry...
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